Movies Worth Watching that gives you chills

And Here ARE the top lists recommended films to the people who ARE in their provinces, dorms, homes and so on that still can’t decide what to watch on their gadgets ( TV, Phone, Laptop and Etc).

begin again

Begin Again

A film that tackles about the good things in life; Love,family, relationship, New York, creativity and music.



ferris bueller

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

A film where once in you’re life  you had to take a break or let’s just say had to cut class in order to find yourself or take a break from your usual life.

the breakfast club

The Breakfast Club


A film which makes you see the different types of students you were back then ( or as today). The film shot in one venue (detention room) So it means and it will make you wonder what well happen to you in the future or so called-adult life.


500 Days Of Summer

A film about a hopeless romantic man meets a girl-who-doesn’t-believe-inlove. A unique movie that gives you the true meaning of love.

me and earl and the dying girl

Me And Earl and The Dying Girl

A the-fault-in-our-star similarity but what’s different from this film is that it gives you laugh and true meaning of life and friendship.